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The ‘Key Largo’

… from the bar of Randall Rospond, a Custom Island Refresher

As the powers that be proclaim : “there is no global warming” … an approprate response any elegant person may have to this maladjusted scenario is to indulge in an impeccably well crafted extremely refreshing cocktail from the bar of yours truly … here’s a solution to the predicament:


  • 1 shot of Crystal Geyser Orange Mineral Water
  • 3 shots of Canada Dry Tonic Water
  • 3 shots of Santa Cruz Organic Limeade
  • 1/2 of a tangerine squeezed into … minus any seeds (how unsightly)
  • one huge sprig of mint – not chopped – intact but slightly mashed for flavor dispersal
  • slice of lime
  • slice of tangerine
  • 2 1/2 shots of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

What To Do

Darned if I know … enjoy yourself?


It tastes like a creamsickle so beware; as copious amounts of Rum go down easy.


Do not attempt to drive heavy machinery unless you wear a helmut
you may substitute orange for tangerine if your grocer is organically limited


You may want to wear a vintage fedora like Bogey in order to get into charactor ?

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