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2018 – Sat. Aug. 4 = Radio Show Playlist

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Randall Rosepond (Music) with Randall Rosepond 08/04/2018 10:00AM to 02:00PM

10:05AM-10:13AM (8:18) Frank Zappa “Watermelon In Easter Hay” from Joe’s Garage: Acts I, II & III (1979) on Rykodisc

10:13AM-10:16AM (3:08) Grateful Dead “Sage & Spirit” from Blues for Allah (1975) on Grateful Dead/Rhino

10:16AM-10:29AM (12:33) Grateful Dead “Blues for Allah: Sand Castles and Glass Camels / Unusual Occurrences In the Desert” from Blues for Allah (1975) on Grateful Dead/Rhino

10:29AM-10:38AM (9:24) Dead Can Dance “Indus (Remastered)” from Spiritchaser (Remastered) (1996) on 4AD

10:38AM-10:45AM (6:59) Robbie Robertson “Take Your Partner By the Hand (DJ Premier Mix)” from Contact From the Underworld of Redboy (1998) on Capitol

10:45AM-10:50AM (5:01) Widespread Panic “Party At Your Mama’s House” from Til the Medicine Takes (1999) on Capricorn Records

10:50AM-10:54AM (3:55) Christine and Katherine Shipp “She Began to Lie” from music from the motion picture the general’s daughter on WEA

10:54AM-10:57AM (2:28) Hawaiian History Moment “hawaiian history moment” from hawaiian history moment (2018) on manao radio

10:57AM-11:02AM (5:09) Khraungbin “little joe and many” from The Universe Smiles Upon You (2015) on Night Time Stories

11:02AM-11:04AM (2:36) The Doors “indian summer” from Morrison Hotel (1970) on Rhino/Elektra

11:04AM-11:13AM (8:31) Ani DiFranco & Utah Phillips “Korea” from The Past Didn’t Go Anywhere (1996) on Righteous Babe

11:13AM-11:17AM (3:49) Easy Star All-Stars “Speak to Me / Breathe (In the Air) [Featuring Sluggy Ranks]” from Dub Side of the Moon (A Reggae Version of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon) (2003) on easy star

11:17AM-11:22AM (5:27) Bruce Cockburn “Lament for the Last Days” from Joy Will Find a Way (1975) on True North

11:22AM-11:28AM (5:21) Quicksilver Messenger Service “- Fresh Air” from The Best Of Quicksilver Messenger Service (1990) on SM/Capitol

11:28AM-11:31AM (3:45) Daniel Lanois “Moondog” from here is what is on red floor records

11:31AM-11:35AM (4:10) Rocco DeLuca “free” from Rocco DeLuca (2014) on 429 Records

11:35AM-11:40AM (4:34) Bob Dylan “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” from The Bootleg Series, Vol. 5: Live 1975 – The Rolling Thunder Revue (2002) on Columbia/Legacy

11:40AM-11:44AM (4:17) Johnny Cash “in your mind” from music from and inspired by the motion picture Dead Man Walking (1995) on Columbia

11:44AM-11:48AM (3:44) Arthur Lyman “Hawaiian War Chant” from The Very Best of Arthur Lyman (2002) on everest records

11:48AM-11:54AM (6:20) Lucinda Williams “dust” from The Ghosts of Highway 20 (2015) on Highway 20 Records

11:54AM-11:57AM (2:44) The Haiku Hillbillys “remember pink moon” from Crazy World (2017) on Liquid Rose Toons !

11:57AM-11:58AM (0:34) Sekou Sundiata “Mary J. Blues” from resolution (2004) on Righteous Babe

11:58AM-12:05PM (7:09) Bill Frisell “What Do We Do?” from Blues Dream (2001) on Nonesuch Records

12:05PM-12:11PM (5:50) Drums and Tuba “the horse and the tree” from resolution (2004) on Righteous Babe Records

12:11PM-12:13PM (2:49) Latin Playboys “Viva la Raza” from Latin Playboys (1994) on London Records

12:13PM-12:14PM (0:34) Frank Zappa “What Ever Happened to All the Fun In the World” from Sheik Yerbouti (1979) on Zappa Records

12:14PM-12:17PM (3:27) Calexico “Across the Wire” from Feast of Wire (Deluxe Edition) (2003) on City Slang

12:17PM-12:20PM (2:20) Calexico “dub latino” from Feast of Wire (Deluxe Edition) (2003) on City Slang

12:20PM-12:22PM (2:24) Lowell George “Cheek to Cheek” from Thanks, I’ll Eat It Here (1979) on Warner Bros Records

12:22PM-12:29PM (6:31) Ry Cooder & Corridos Famosos “Volver volver” from Live in San Francisco (2013) on Nonesuch

12:29PM-12:31PM (2:06) Los Lobos “La Guacamaya” from La Pistola y el Corazón (1988) on Rhino/Warner Bros.

12:31PM-12:36PM (5:28) DJ announcements “On Air (Talkover)” from psa’s etc. (2018) on Randall Rospond

12:36PM-12:40PM (4:07) Jackson Browne “Linda Paloma” from The Pretender (1976) on Elektra / Wea

12:40PM-12:44PM (3:57) Ry Cooder “Mexican Divorce” from Paradise and Lunch (1970) on Warner Bros.

12:44PM-12:51PM (6:33) Little Feat “Gringo” from Hoy-Hoy! (1981) on Rhino/Warner Brothers

12:51PM-12:54PM (2:52) New Riders of the Purple Sage “instant armadillo blues” from Home, Home on the Road / Brujo (2004) on bgo records

12:54PM-12:56PM (2:40) Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys “New San Antonia Rose” from the essential bob wills (1992) on Columbia/Legacy

12:56PM-12:59PM (2:53) Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard “Django and Jimmie” from Django and Jimmie (2015) on Sony

12:59PM-01:02PM (2:43) Jimmy Buffet “brand new country star” from the great jimmy buffett (1999) on goldies

01:02PM-01:05PM (2:37) Kris Kristofferson “The Pilgrim, Chapter 33” from Live at the Philharmonic (2016) on sony music

01:05PM-01:11PM (6:01) Frank Zappa & The Mothers “More Trouble Every Day” from Roxy & Elsewhere (1974) on RYCO

01:11PM-01:15PM (4:41) Grateful Dead “el paso” from Reckoning (Live) (1981) on Grateful Dead/Rhino

01:15PM-01:19PM (3:48) Tom Waits “Goin’ Out West (Live Tulsa 06/25/08)” from Glitter and Doom – Live (Bonus Track Version) (2009) on anti

01:19PM-01:22PM (3:09) Paolo Nutini “Scream (Funk My Life Up)” from Caustic Love (2014) on Atlantic

01:22PM-01:28PM (5:51) Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros “Midnight Jam” from Streetcore (2003) on Hellcat Records

01:28PM-01:41PM (12:43) Miles Davis “so what” from In Person, Saturday Night At The Blackhawk, San Francisco, Volume 2 (1961) on Columbia

01:41PM-01:45PM (4:12) Marty Baum featuring Randall Rospond “”LULLABY” {Taladh Criosda – Christ Child Lullaby}” from The New While 2018 (2018) on Liquid Rose Toons ! / Maui Muse

01:45PM-01:49PM (3:48) Robert Hunter “”have you ever seen anyone like Cody Pomeray ? …”” from Kerouac – kicks joy darkness (1997) on RYCO

01:49PM-01:52PM (3:13) DJ announcements “On Air (Talkover)” from psa’s etc. (2018) on Randall Rospond

01:52PM-01:57PM (4:38) Lyle Lovett & Al Green “Funny How Time Slips Away” from Rhythm, Country and Blues (1994) on UMG

01:57PM-02:00PM (2:48) DJ announcements “On Air (Talkover)” from psa’s etc. (2018) on Randall Rospond

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