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New Frontier

New Frontier is a Documentary Online Magazine for Entrepreneurs & Deal Makers. The July Issue features a brief interview w/ Randall Rospond of the band “The Haiku Hillbillys”

Brief Profile

Name: Randall Rospond
Nationality: Canadian
Current Living / Working Location/s: Maui , Hawaii
Type of Enterprises: Singer/songwriter/musician/artist
Years in Operation: 25

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur or a deal maker or both? WHY?

I’ve always considered myself a song and dance man {quoting Bob Dylan}

July Theme – Passion

“New Frontiers – Karla Darocas : I have known you for over a decade, and you have never lost your passion for music and art – and you have been able to work both passions into a business. Why do you feel so passionate about music and art?

RR : The only explanation for my passion w/regards to my work is that I have always been passionate about music and art . So for me to make the shift into calling it my “work” was easy … I just started to get paid so that I could leave behind other work that held no interest to my own nature.

NF : What drives you to be creative?

RR : GOD and the need to pay rent !

NF : Do you feel that anyone can launch an entrepreneurial enterprise with their art and music talents? If yes or no – please explain…

RR : Anyone can … if they are willing to be relentless in business , in progress , inspiration … and their personal desire and faith outweighs the general public’s occasional and sometimes considerable “lack of appreciation” for the work you generate.

NF : Do you have any advice to people who have the same passions for music and art and want to start their own business?

RR : start now and don’t stop …. ever !!!!

NF : Do you personally have a problem with balancing the passion you have for your devoted work – and the passion you have for your personal life?

RR : For me … both must intertwine and feed each other … or “the personal life” must be customized.

NF : What is the most exciting part of your business?

RR : Actual creation from nothing … and then the double whammy is … when someone actually enjoys , understands or is made to think in response to my work.

Thank You
Karla Darocas

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