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“Children of Our Yesterdays” copyright Randall Rospond 2011

“Children of our Yesterdays” … copyright Randall Rospond 2011 { lyrical note: I never actually sing “yesterdays” } intro: D A D verse : A D A D A A E D D A “ Upon a magic carpet – if you lend me your ears See the tarnished silver and gold – wrinkled papers …

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“Parked in the Passing Lane” copyright Randall Rospond 2011

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Is there a kingdom amidst the ruins? Is there desire within the deep? Upon the surface we see Delilah… Within the boiler, our hearts bleed to keep us alive … us alive … It’s good to see you’re alive …. nice to be alive Read in a book of a great messiah a cheshire cat …

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May Be A Sinner

Out walking , shuffling sometimes Find peace of mind in a rhyme babe been talking , people listening but here I am just constantly shifting I’ve searched the earth for the reason I’m being and babe you help to get me there but when I come to the end of my journey and I’m courting …

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North Cottage Town

time – leaves us alone – in a world where we’re lost – like a bag on the bus that gets left behind – we’ve never enough time – or so we have thought days – winding away – like a desparate clock – on a desolate dock in a north cottage town – where …

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Parked in the Passing Lane

in a world of many no one makes a sound as I’m driving off to play another town my quiet cruise it hums and rhymes … engine keeping up the time … I dream rust fills the trunks and trains … the engine’s drunk again crumbling stocks are saying … the powers are betraying but …

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