What’s Shakin’

Aloha Friends  …  of course I am hoping to see you  @ the Stopwatch  on Fri. Oct. 7  from 9 pm – 1 am for the debut of my trio which features Kerry Sofaly on drums and Bob Harrison on bass  … we will have some special guests too !

Also  … Mahalo to the dedicated work of Jonathan Starr  who has engineered the new  “solo”  cd  …  “The Legendary Unknown”  which features the “Haiku Hillbillys”  … we will be finalizing the mix and getting ready to have it pressed  very soon.   My hat is also off to the ever patient Jack Grace who has taken the  brunt of my artistic madness and  distilled it into the cover art work … Bravo Jack  !!!

and last but most certainly not least … BIG MAHALO  to my dear friend John Philpin who has  bravely attempted and  “succeeded”  in getting  … Everything Randall   … into my new website .   Cheers Mate !

Without these dear friends and talents  … yours truly would surely be  sucking back a cheap bottle of bourbon on a dead end street  … alone and unknown .


Many blessings to all who have opened their minds, eyes  and ears to my music , art and words .     Mucho Aloha   Randall

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