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2018 – Feb. 3 : Randall Radio Playlist

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Randall Rosepond (Music) with Randall Rosepond 02/03/2018 10:00AM to 02:00PM

10:00AM-10:08AM (8:18) Frank Zappa “Watermelon In Easter Hay” from Joe’s Garage: Acts I, II & III (1979) on Rykodisc

10:08AM-10:12AM (3:49) Little Feat “Perfect imperfection” from Down on the Farm on Warner Bros.

10:12AM-10:14AM (2:52) The Ed Palermo Big Band “Peaches en regalia” from ed palermo big band plays frank zappa on ed palermo music

10:14AM-10:22AM (7:40) Herbie Hancock featuring Norah Jones “Court and Spark” from … featuring norah jones on EMI/EMI Records (USA)

10:22AM-10:31AM (8:35) Haiku Hillbillys “Rodeo Dreams” from Rodeo Dreams (2014) on Liquid Rose Toons !

10:31AM-10:39AM (8:41) Tom Waits “Potter’s Field” from Foreign Affairs (1977) on Elektra Records

10:39AM-10:44AM (4:57) Robbie Robertson “Somewhere Down The Crazy River” from Robbie Robertson (1987) on Geffen

10:44AM-10:48AM (3:50) Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass “Tangerine” from Whipped Cream & Other Delights (1965) on Herb Alpert Presents

10:48AM-10:55AM (6:20) Lucinda Williams “dust” from The Ghosts of Highway 20 (2015) on Highway 20 Records

10:55AM-11:00AM (5:00) Widespread Panic “Blue Indian” from Til the Medicine Takes (1999) on Capricorn Records

11:00AM-11:07AM (7:34) Bob Dylan “Visions of Johanna” from Blonde On Blonde (1966) on Sony Legacy

11:07AM-11:14AM (6:33) Jonathan Wilson “Desert Raven” from Gentle Spirit (2011) on Bella Union

11:14AM-11:18AM (4:45) Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real “Just Outside of Austin” from Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real (2017) on Fantasy Records

11:18AM-11:22AM (3:37) Jimmy Buffett “Death of an Unpopular Poet” from the great jimmy buffett (1999) on goldies

11:22AM-11:27AM (4:29) Jeb Loy Nichols “Sugar Creek” from lovers knot on EMI

11:27AM-11:31AM (4:30) The Majestic Silver Strings “freight train” from new west records world cafe (2012) on New-West Records

11:31AM-11:37AM (6:19) Ry Cooder & Corridos Famosos “Lord Tell Me Why” from Live in San Francisco (2013) on Nonesuch

11:37AM-11:40AM (2:35) John Hartford “I am a Man of Constant Sorrow” from Soundtrack of O Brother Where Art There on Lost Highway Records

11:40AM-11:45AM (4:50) The Rowan Brothers “Circle of Friends” from Now & Then (2004) on B.O.S. Music, LLC

11:45AM-11:51AM (6:42) Grateful Dead “Lost Sailor” from Go to Heaven (1980) on Grateful Dead/Rhino

11:51AM-11:58AM (6:36) Grateful Dead “Saint of Circumstance (live)” from Go to Heaven (1980) on Grateful Dead/Rhino

11:58AM-12:03PM (5:17) Ray Barbee Meets the Mattson 2 “Yeppers” from Ray Barbee Meets the Mattson 2 (2009) on Galaxia

12:03PM-12:08PM (4:56) Fulton Tashombe “gabriel’s tune” from Fulton Tashombe on Fulton Tashombe Music

12:08PM-12:11PM (2:55) Joe Cano “the other side of me” from Living The Dream (2016) on Joe Cano

12:11PM-12:17PM (6:16) Ray Barbee Meets the Mattson 2 “Short Strokes” from Ray Barbee Meets the Mattson 2 (2009) on Galaxia

12:17PM-12:23PM (5:23) Randall J. Rospond “Blind Angel” from The Legendary Unknown (2011) on Liquid Rose Toons !

12:23PM-12:28PM (5:08) Fulton Tashombe “funkshombe” from Fulton Tashombe on Fulton Tashombe Music

12:28PM-12:31PM (3:00) Jackson Browne & David Lindley “the Lost Guitars” from interview (2012) on Pleemhead Music

12:31PM-12:36PM (4:42) fDeluxe “miss you” from Am Static (2014) on Flat White Records

12:36PM-12:41PM (4:59) Fulton Tashombe “prayer” from Fulton Tashombe on Fulton Tashombe Music

12:41PM-12:43PM (2:36) Beastie Boys “Groove Holmes” from The In Sound From Way Out! (1996) on Capitol Records

12:43PM-12:52PM (8:55) The Clash “Justice Tonight / Kick It Over” from super Black Market Clash on Epic

12:52PM-12:57PM (4:53) The Brand New Heavies “Brother Sister” from Brother Sister (2014) on Concord Records

12:57PM-01:03PM (5:51) Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros “Midnight Jam” from Streetcore (2003) on Hellcat Records

01:03PM-01:09PM (6:17) Soulive “Joyful Girl” from Next (2002) on Blue Note Records

01:09PM-01:12PM (3:16) The New Mastersounds “Bus Stop No. 5” from 102% (2006) on P-VINE

01:12PM-01:16PM (3:32) Cowboy Bebop “tank” from 10 Previously Unknown Highly Venomous Species of Spider – Single

01:16PM-01:19PM (2:58) Victor Wooten “Overjoyed” from A Show Of Hands 15 (2011) on Vix Records

01:19PM-01:24PM (5:13) Tommy Guerrero “Yerba Buena Bump” from Lifeboats and Follies on Too Good Records

01:24PM-01:31PM (6:22) Seatbelts in Space “spacelion 2” from spacelion 2 on Seatbelts in Space

01:31PM-01:36PM (5:36) Frank Zappa “Treacherous Cretins” from Shut Up ‘n Play Yer Guitar (1981) on RYKO

01:36PM-01:42PM (5:38) Tom Waits “Lucinda / Ain’ Goin’ Down To the Well No Mo’ (Birmingham – 07/03/08)” from Glitter and Doom (Live) (2009) on anti

01:42PM-01:47PM (5:00) DJ announcements “On Air (Talkover)” from psa’s etc. (2018) on Randall Rospond

01:47PM-01:51PM (4:38) Lyle Lovett & Al Green “Funny How Time Slips Away” from Rhythm, Country and Blues (1994) on UMG

01:51PM-02:00PM (8:07) DJ announcements “On Air (Talkover)” from psa’s etc. (2018) on Randall Rospond

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