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2018 – Sat. Jan. 20 – Radio Show Playlist

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Randall Rosepond (Music) with Randall Rosepond 01/20/2018 10:00AM to 02:00PM

10:00AM-10:08AM (8:18) Frank Zappa “Watermelon In Easter Hay” from Joe’s Garage: Acts I, II & III (1979) on Rykodisc

10:08AM-10:15AM (7:09) Jackson Browne & David Lindley “Looking East” from Love Is Strange (Con Tino Di Geraldo) [En Vivo] (2010) on Inside Recordings

10:15AM-10:19AM (3:44) Bill Frisell “Roscoe” from Good Dog, Happy Man (1999) on Nonesuch

10:19AM-10:24AM (5:32) Eddie Vedder & nusrat fateh ali khan “The Long Road” from dead man walking (1996) on Grammercy Records

10:24AM-10:34AM (10:11) The Allman Brothers “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” from Club R’N’R on Liquid Rose Toons !

10:34AM-10:38AM (3:15) Harvey Allen “Lovely to See You” from Moody Bluegrass: A Nashville Tribute to the Moody Blues (2011) on Bunny Rae Records

10:38AM-10:46AM (8:37) The Doors “The Soft Parade” from The Soft Parade (1969) on Rhino/Elektra

10:46AM-10:50AM (3:49) Little Feat “Time Loves a Hero” from Time Loves a Hero (1977) on Warner Bros.

10:50AM-10:53AM (3:23) Norah Jones Featuring Gillian Welch and David Rawlings “Loretta” from featuring (2010) on Blue Note Records

10:53AM-10:56AM (2:32) William Burroughs & Tomandandy “Old Western Movies” from Kerouac – Kicks Joy Darkness (1997) on RYCO

10:56AM-11:02AM (5:32) Ani Difranco “Grey (Live)” from So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter (2002) on Righteous Babe

11:02AM-11:04AM (2:28) Hawaiian History Moment “hawaiian history moment” from hawaiian history moment (2018) on manao radio

11:04AM-11:08AM (4:27) Patti Smith “Kimberly” from Horses (1975) on Arista/Legacy

11:08AM-11:13AM (4:53) Emmylou Harris “Goin’ Back to Harlan” from Wrecking Ball (1995) on Nonesuch

11:13AM-11:19AM (5:10) Bob Dylan “Things Have Changed” from Dylan (Deluxe Version) (2000) on Sony Legacy

11:19AM-11:21AM (2:39) Outkast “Take Off Your Cool (feat. Norah Jones)” from Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (2003) on Arista

11:21AM-11:28AM (7:10) Ani Difranco “To the Teeth (Live)” from So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter (2002) on Righteous Babe

11:28AM-11:33AM (5:00) DJ announcements “On Air (Talkover)” from psa’s etc. (2018) on Randall Rospond

11:33AM-11:37AM (3:13) Pieta Brown “lullaby” from pieta brown (2000) on trailer records

11:37AM-11:40AM (3:34) Slim Gaillard “Bobalu {Orooney}” from Slim Gaillard: Laughing in Rhythm – The Best of the Verve Years (1994) on Verve Records

11:40AM-11:44AM (3:25) Curtis Mayfield “People get ready” from Live at Ronnie Scott’s (2000) on Castle Music

11:44AM-11:51AM (7:32) Curtis Mayfield “Pusherman” from Live at Ronnie Scott’s (2000) on Castle Music

11:51AM-12:21PM (30:00) Paul Peterson Interview “interview” from Interview by Randall Rospond (2018)

12:21PM-12:25PM (3:55) Christine and Katherine Shipp “She Began to Lie” from music from the motion picture the general’s daughter on WEA

12:25PM-12:36PM (11:15) Isaac Hayes “The Look of Love” from Dead Presidents, Vol. 1 (Music from the Motion Picture) (2009) on capital

12:36PM-12:40PM (3:35) The Wild Tchoupitoulas “Brother John” from The Wild Tchoupitoulas (1976) on Island Records

12:40PM-12:46PM (5:51) Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros “Midnight Jam” from Streetcore (2003) on Hellcat Records

12:46PM-12:52PM (6:30) Curtis Mayfield “Freddy’s Dead” from Live at Ronnie Scott’s (2000) on Castle Music

12:52PM-12:58PM (5:33) Galactic “Bongo Joe (Live)” from bonaroo on ATO Records (AT0)

12:58PM-01:03PM (5:12) Quincey Jones “Killer Joe” from walking in space (2000) on Verve Records

01:03PM-01:08PM (4:40) William Shatner “Common People” from William Shatner Has Been (2004) on Sony

01:08PM-01:15PM (7:39) Ween “Zoloft” from Bonnaroo 2004 (2008) on Bonnaroo / Ween Music

01:15PM-01:19PM (3:27) Neil Diamond “Brother Loves Travelling Salvation Show” from neil diamond collection (1974) on MCA Records

01:19PM-01:25PM (6:48) Frank Zappa & The Mothers “Penguin In Bondage” from Roxy & Elsewhere (1974) on RYCO

01:25PM-01:28PM (2:13) Frank Zappa & The Mothers “pygmy twilight” from Roxy & Elsewhere (1974) on RYCO

01:28PM-01:32PM (4:14) Mocean Worker “right now” from jazz lounge 2 on Water Music

01:32PM-01:35PM (3:28) J.J. Cale “Days Go By” from Guitar Man (1996) on Delabel

01:35PM-01:39PM (4:04) David Gilmour “Smile” from On An Island (2006) on Columbia

01:39PM-01:46PM (6:06) Randall Rospond Trio “Frankly Jazzy” from Randall Rospond Trio (Recorded Live) (2012) on Liquid Rose Toons !

01:46PM-01:54PM (8:00) DJ announcements “On Air (Talkover)” from psa’s etc. (2018) on Randall Rospond

01:54PM-01:58PM (4:38) Lyle Lovett & Al Green “Funny How Time Slips Away” from Rhythm, Country and Blues (1994) on UMG

01:58PM-02:00PM (1:19) DJ announcements “On Air (Talkover)” from psa’s etc. (2018) on Randall Rospond

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