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2017 : JUNE 17 – Randall Radio Show Playlist

Randall & Raffa on the Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle set @ Art Design Studios, Toronto circa 1989

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Randall Rosepond (Music) with Randall Rosepond 06/17/2017 10:00AM to 02:00PM

10:00AM-10:08AM (8:18) Frank Zappa “Watermelon In Easter Hay” from Joe’s Garage: Acts I, II & III (CD, Album, Private, 1979) on Rykodisc

10:08AM-10:19AM (10:42) The Grateful Dead “Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodeloo” from Dave’s Picks May 25, 1977 (CD, Album, Private) on Grateful Dead/Rhino

10:19AM-10:22AM (3:51) Glen Bensley “farewell” from rare (CD, Single, Private) on Liquid Rose Toons (USA)

10:22AM-10:27AM (4:15) John Prine “The Sins of Memphisto” from The Missing Years (CD, Album, Private, 1991) on Oh Boy Records

10:27AM-10:30AM (3:31) Ray Barbee Meets the Mattson 2 “Speaker Breaker (feat. Tommy Guerrero, Money Mark)” from Ray Barbee Meets the Mattson 2 (CD, Album, Private, 2009) on Galaxia

10:30AM-10:35AM (4:47) Marty Stuart “Hotenkiss Gumer’s Lament” from Badlands (Other, Other, Private)

10:35AM-10:41AM (6:20) Lucinda Williams “Dust” from The Ghosts of Highway 20 (CD, Album, Private, 2016) on Highway 20 Records

10:41AM-10:51AM (10:11) The Allman Brothers “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” from Club R’N’R (Other, Other, Private) on Liquid Rose Toons !

10:51AM-10:56AM (5:02) Widespread Panic “Party At Your Mama’s House” from Til the Medicine Takes (CD, Album, Private, 1999) on Sony

10:56AM-11:01AM (4:17) The Little Willies “lou reed” from The Little Willies (CD, Album, Private, 2006) on Blue Note Records

11:01AM-11:08AM (7:34) Bob Dylan “Visions of Johanna” from Blonde On Blonde (CD, Album, Private, 1966) on Columbia

11:08AM-11:12AM (3:32) Daniel Lanois “Shine” from Shine (CD, Album, Private, 2003) on anti

11:12AM-11:16AM (3:50) Calexico “Two Silver Trees” from Carried to Dust (CD, Album, Private) on Traffic Inc.

11:16AM-11:20AM (3:50) Robbie Robertson “Tango for DJango” from How to Become Clairvoyant (Bonus Track Edition) (CD, Album, Private, 2011) on 429 Records

11:20AM-11:25AM (5:00) Malcolm Mclaren “About Her” from Kill Bill, Vol. 2 (Original Soundtrack) (CD, Album, Private, 2004) on a band apart (USA)

11:25AM-11:28AM (3:00) The Hawaiian History Moment “the Hawaiian History Moment” from the Hawaiian History Moment (CD, Single) on manao radio

11:28AM-11:31AM (3:40) Little Feat “Lafayette Railroad” from Dixie Chicken (CD, Album, Private, 1973) on Warner Bros.

11:31AM-11:35AM (3:50) Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass “Tangerine” from Whipped Cream & Other Delights (CD, Album, Private, 1965) on Herb Alpert Presents

11:35AM-11:37AM (1:54) Peter Sellers “A Hard Day’s Night” from The Peter Sellers Collection (CD, Single, Private, 1990) on Parlophone UK

11:37AM-11:41AM (3:55) Christine & Katherine Shipp “Sea Lion Woman” from the general’s daughter – soundtrack (CD, Comp, Private) on WEA

11:41AM-11:47AM (6:42) Ani DiFranco & Utah Phillips “nevada city , california” from The Past Didn’t Go Anywhere (CD, Album, Private, 1996) on Righteous Babe

11:47AM-11:53AM (5:49) David Lindley & El Rayo-X “Brother John” from Win This Record (CD, Album, Private, 1982) on Elektra Records

11:53AM-12:08PM (14:20) Richard Betts “Hand Picked” from Highway Call (CD, Album, Private) on Universal Records

12:08PM-12:11PM (3:00) Frank Zappa “Rubber Shirt” from Sheik Yerbouti (CD, Album, Private, 1979) on Zappa Records

12:11PM-12:14PM (3:00) Anden “Football Game” from Housekatchafaya (CD, Album, Private) on anden

12:14PM-12:18PM (4:30) The Majestic Silver Strings “freight train” from new west records world cafe (CD, Comp, Private) on New-West Records

12:18PM-12:24PM (6:21) Seatbelts in Space “spacelion 2” from spacelion 2 (CD, Single, Private) on Seatbelts in Space

12:24PM-12:59PM (35:00) Interview w/ Keller Williams “music & words” from Interview by Randall Rospond (Other, Other, Other)

12:59PM-01:03PM (3:16) Keller Williams “Off Time Chorus Line” from Vape (CD, Album, Private, 2015, added 05/09/2015) on Freeky Disc

01:03PM-01:06PM (3:20) Guy Lombardo “Auld Lang Syne” from Enjoy Yourself – The Hits of Guy Lombardo (CD, Comp, 1992) on Geffen* (USA)

01:06PM-01:07PM (1:00) Anden “fredo macadangdang” from Housekatchafaya (CD, Album, Private) on anden

01:07PM-01:08PM (1:00) Anden “popolo pete” from Housekatchafaya (CD, Album, Private) on anden

01:08PM-01:12PM (4:00) The Tao of Groove “Makes You Extatic” from Jazz Lounge (CD, Comp, Private) on Water Music

01:12PM-01:15PM (3:12) Jerry Garcia “Oh Babe, It Ain’t No Lie” from Reflections (Expanded) (CD, Album, Private, 1976) on Rhino

01:15PM-01:18PM (3:00) Moody Bluegrass “Lovely to See You” from moody bluegrass (MP3, Other, Private)

01:18PM-01:22PM (3:36) Quincey Jones “Oh happy day” from walking in space (CD, Album, Private) on Verve Records

01:22PM-01:31PM (9:22) Dr. John “Iko Iko” from Dr. John: Live at Montreux 1995 (CD, Album, 2005) on Eagle Rock

01:31PM-01:37PM (5:33) Galactic “Bongo Joe (Live)” from bonaroo (Other, Single, Private) on ATO Records (AT0)

01:37PM-01:39PM (2:35) Tom Waits “Underground” from Big Time (CD, Album, 1988) on Island Records

01:39PM-01:45PM (5:23) Phoebe Snow “Poetry Man (Live)” from Phoebe Snow: Live (CD, Album, 2008) on Verve

01:45PM-01:46PM (1:00) Lester Bangs “music” from soundtrack to Almost Famous (Other, Other, Other)

01:46PM-01:56PM (9:50) The Allman Brothers “dreams” from the Allman Brothers Band Live at the Atlanta International Pop Festival 1970 (CD, Album) on Epic/Legacy

01:56PM-02:00PM (4:38) Lyle Lovett & Al Green “Funny How Time Slips Away” from Rhythm, Country and Blues (CD, Album, Private, 1994) on UMG

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