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Talking Story With Randall Rospond – The Maui News

Randall Rospond is one of Maui’s busiest musicians. In fact, we can barely keep up with him between all of his various sets, Mana’o Hana Hou Radio show and playing with his band Haiku Hillbillys. He’s a hard-working musician, but wasn’t someone who knew on Day One that he wanted to be on stage. I caught up with him at Monkeypod Kitchen in Wailea before one of his recent gigs.

MAUITIME: Why did you become a musician?

RANDALL ROSPOND: I just kind of naturally wandered into the entertainment business. In high school, I worked with a lot of music and sound. It was a natural progression from there. I did a lot of stage and sound managing, and worked with various bands and artists. I had an inspiration with spirit. I was first a lead singer in a rock a band.

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