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“Hallelujah: the Waves are Rolling In”

“Hallelujeh … the Waves are Rolling In”
by Randall Rospond

“Hallelujeh… the Waves are Rolling In”
Uncle Earl’s going down soon
the old crow’s taken it’s toll
gypsies and hillbillys will howl to the moon
for Uncle Earl is leaving this world far too soon
course I would tell ya about it, hell I’ll even scream & shout it
hallelujeh … the waves are rolling in
diamonds in the eyes of Catfish John
guess everybodies jus’ trying to hold on
to this heady “merry go round” of sin & blessing
from the day the saints come rolling in til they’re gone
elders say: “only Jesus really knows what we’re missing”
hallelujeh…the waves are rolling in
“BE Bop A Lula” to me , just one more time
try to read the cards though they’re moving still
find your time to have a satisfied mind
& be careful of that old moonshine still
you see , Uncle Earl & Old Crow went surfing
way past the windmills
hallelujeh…the waves are rolling in
some say coffee & jazz make a perfect morn
mama’s cookin’ keeps the family feelin’ fine
meanwhile old Uncle Earl
sho’ do love his corn … whiskey
so remember folks, the wise man prays
& sips careful for a satisfied mind
while surfin’ & lovin’
make the common man feel just right
hallelujeh…the waves are rolling in

by Randall J. Rospond May 13 , 2007 , Haiku ,
Maui , Hawaii
copyright Randall J. Rospond 2007

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