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“High on Haleakala” … Lyrics & Music by Randall Rospond – 2015








“High on Haleakala”

{ chorus } w/ harmony vocals *

D                             C
High on Haleakala House of the Sun
D                                  C        G         D
way up on Haleakala we’re never coming down

{ verse 1 } … same chords as chorus

spring on Haleakala the Jack-a-Randa’s bloom
it’s like lilac snow and don’t you know you can almost touch the moon

{ chorus }

{ verse 2 }

winter morns on Haleakala with dew so crispy cold
you’ll need wool socks and keawe stock to stoke that old wood stove

{ chorus }

{ bridge }

the Sun it shines we’re feeling fine { in the House of the Sun } X 2

{ verse 3 }

sun-set from Haleakala it’s glowing in the west
we’ll hang and wait at heaven’s gate soon stars will shine their best

{ chorus } repeat

copyright Randall Rospond 2015

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