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Maui After Dark

Aloha Friends, the good folks at Akaku TV , Kahului , Maui recorded “yours truly” for an upcoming segment of “Maui After Dark” … a local Live Music TV show.

Sleepy John Presents Maui After Dark: Randall Rospond

This recording took place on Thursday January 16 , 2020 from Akakū Maui Community Media.

This is a “live-in-studio” continuous “one-take” Recording of my performance. All guitar parts were performed Live = “Looped = Recorded and played back / layered” on the spot.

All songs: music & lyrics copyright Randall Rospond 2020 w/ specific original copyrights listed beside each song.

The Set List

Pukalani Serenade : 0:00 —> 1:14 … RJR c 2012

“ a brief slack key style instrumental that honors upcountry sunsets “

One Step Up : 1:15 —> 12:13 … RJR c 2018

“a bluesy rave up dedicated to my sweetheart “

Intro to “PN#9” : 12:14 —> 12:39

Paia Nightshade #9 : 12:40 —> 23:26 … RJR c 2018

“movie style soundtrack about Maui’s groovy north shore surf town“

Mahalo to Sleepy John Productions :

Co Producers: Fred Fisher & Sleepy John
Sleepy John
Technical Director:
Beverly Buckley
Ed Carreon
Renee Dahl, Fred Fisher, Sigal Peterson

AKAKU Maui Community Media

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