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** Update Jan. 2019 ** … on —-> A New Recording Project – August 2017 : ” Now , Zen & Other Daze “

Aloha Dear Friends :


***  HERE IS THE JAN. 2019 UPDATE :  the below concept eventually became the   “Crazy World”  CD …        Released  Dec. 2017  …  which had expanded to include the usual suspects: the Haiku Hillbillys .                     Having recently aquired some quality but simplicity based gear … I now look forward  to resuming my quest     previously suggested below …  w/ thanx to my departed friend Thom Grow and his son’s Troy and David ;                  I will now be including some  “handsonic percussion”  within my home studio live loops .

I will keep ya’all posted on my progress. Many Blessings in 2019 and Beyond  !                                                      from the  Pukalani Penthouse  … Wed. Jan. 2 , 2019       w/ aloha    Randall

===================previous concept below===========================================

In order to follow creativity’s path … I am about to take on a new recording project.
Many folks have requested a CD which features my “Live Guitar Looping – Solo Performance Sound”

After much thought on how to capture a clean yet live sound … I have decided to self record in my home studio.
Capturing single takes of my latest songs without overdubs.
This will allow freedom and comfort for myself , yet still retain a “live performance vibe” while being free of “club ,
crowd and miscellaneous noises” which have often obscurred other live recordings.

Instead of traditional corporate fund raising vehicles like “go fund it” etc. … I am personally reaching out to
my closest friends and music appreciators with the following offer in support of this new production:

… in old school fashion

“Randall Chicago 1983” photo by Robert Cantu

… please consider sending a personal check / postal money order / cash in U.S. Funds to :

Randall Rospond
160 Alohi Place
Makawao , Maui , Hawaii

… the possibilities are as follows :
{ or you may create your own offer ! }

– #1 : $ 30.00 = 1 copy of final CD , 1 handmade booklet , w/ shipping included
– #2 : $ 100.00 = 4 copies of final CD , 1 handmade booklet , 1 sticker w/ shipping included
– #3 : $ 200.00 = 10 copies of final CD , 3 handmade booklets , 3 stickers w/ shipping included
– #4 : $ 500.00 = 30 copies of final CD , 10 handmade booklets , 10 stickers w/ shipping included
plus extra special “artistic” add ins !!!

Please know your support will be deeply appreciated … as you will have supported a “Do-it-Yourself” ,
grassroots artist , received a reasonably fair deal in todays world of “shopping” , have some really cool
music and art to enjoy and gift friends and family !

In today’s crazy world of corporate weirdness and generic product … your support will nurture and facillitate
some truly unique musical and artistic creations … with the intent of sharing some magic in our crazy world.

many blessings & aloha always Randall Rospond from the Pukalani Penthouse, Maui , Hawaii – Aug. 31, 2017

“Pukalani” in Hawaiian translates to … Hole in the Heaven’s !

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